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2004 Photos

November 2004
AGM, Delta Beauséjour, Moncton

IMGP1435 IMGP1436 IMGP1441 IMGP1442 IMGP1443
IMGP1444 IMGP1445 IMGP1447 IMGP1448 IMGP1449
IMGP1450 IMGP1451 IMGP1452 IMGP1453 IMGP1455
IMGP1485 IMGP1495 IMGP1496 IMGP1497 IMGP1498
IMGP1500 IMGP1501 IMGP1504 IMGP1508 IMGP1510


September 2004
Let's Switch to Digital Photography—1st Annual Atlantic AGD Fall Golf Classic

IMGP0438 IMGP0442 IMGP0443 IMGP0444 IMGP0447
IMGP0448 IMGP0451 IMGP0452 IMGP0453 IMGP0456

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April 2004
Lumps and Bumps: Oral Pathology in the Real World

DSC02622 DSC02623 DSC02624 DSC02625 DSC02626
DSC02627 DSC02628 DSC02629 DSC02630 DSC02631
DSC02632 DSC02633 DSC02634 DSC02635 DSC02636
DSC02637 DSC02638 DSC02639 DSC02640 DSC02641
DSC02642 DSC02643 DSC02644 DSC02645 DSC02646
DSC02647 DSC02648 DSC02649 DSC02650  

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